What to Expect When You Call

A confidential telephone assessment will be conducted with all individuals seeking admission into Clearpoint. This important conversation will help us determine if Clearpoint is the most appropriate center for you or your loved one. During this call, we will also help answer all questions regarding Clearpoint. The goal is to make certain that we will meet each individual’s needs and circumstances that lead to the best chance at long-term recovery.

Verifying Benefits

Our admissions team starts by gathering information to help determine if treatment is needed, and if so, what kind. Cost is usually a primary concern, so confirming benefits is our first step. Insurance coverage for addiction treatment is a complex process, and changes are regularly being made to benefit programs. This is where our experience proves invaluable. We work with insurance carriers to determine what is covered and help calculate any out-of-pocket costs.

By filling out the following inquiry form, one of our Admissions Specialists will respond quickly. Or call us at 203.293.1723 for immediate attention.

Finding the Right FIt

We work with everyone who calls to find them the help they need, even if it’s not through one of our programs. We don’t measure success in the number of slots filled; we measure it by the number of people helped. In that first call, we’re already building a detailed medical record for you. It’s all part of the process to provide the best information on programs, pricing and length of treatment to fit one’s specific needs.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us today to find out which program might be right for you or a loved one. Call or use the contact form below to speak with an admissions professional.