Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield for Drug Treatment

Will Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Generally, yes, However, coverage varies from state to state and plan to plan. If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol abuse problem, there is help out there for you. Your plan with Blue Cross And Blue Shield Federal Employee Program will typically cover substance abuse treatment expenses.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has dozens of providers with different policies across the country. Many government employees have insurance under its Federal Employee Program, which covers inpatient professional visits and can include alcohol and drug treatment.

Federal BCBS Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Employee Program covers group and individual therapy sessions attended during outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, but you are responsible for the copays. You might have to obtain precertification before seeking a higher level of care like residential treatment. Companion Benefit Alternatives manages substance abuse claims for Blue Cross Blue Shield members living in South Carolina. Check your Federal plan for drug and alcohol rehab coverage.

Length of Addiction Treatment Federal Blue Cross Will Cover

Not everyone recovers from addiction at the same rate, and that is why Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield providers may consider other factors in terms of private addiction treatment. Instead of providing you with a pre-determined length of stay such as three days, the carrier will cover a portion of the stay based on deductible and amount of coverage. If you have any additional coverage through your employer or choose a more affordable treatment facility, you might have a longer stay. The treatment center and your insurance will keep your information discreet regardless of the duration of your stay.

Federal BCBS Insurance for Outpatient Addiction Rehab versus Inpatient

Addiction is not cured overnight, but with the proper help from professionals in a rehab center, you can build towards reclaiming your life. Whether your insurance covers outpatient or inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, you will want to decide which option is right for you. When you need time away from friends and loved ones who use drugs and alcohol, you can receive treatment at an inpatient residential treatment center. If you are not ready to let those closest to you know about your addiction, an outpatient program might be a wiser option, allowing you to schedule meetings and sessions around work, school, or other personal obligations.

When you contact Clearpoint Recovery Center about addiction treatment services, our admissions staff will ask about addiction history and get basic information about your Federal BCBS policy. The admissions staff will determine:

  • How long has the person suffered from the addiction
  • How has the addiction impacted the person’s life
  • Therapies his/her insurance policy may cover
  • The addiction therapy options people have used in the past

Armed with their medical history, and usually a few follow-up telephone calls, the admissions staff can make a recommendation for an appropriate level of care and a treatment program. If insurance covers part or all of the care, the staff can address the preauthorization issues, too.

Utilizing Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for Addiction Treatment

You can find out what drug rehab facilities accept your Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance by contacting your plan administrator, or you can work with the treatment center directly to answer your questions.

We strive to provide the highest-quality treatment to any individual seeking help for themselves or their loved ones. Through utilization of our patients’ health insurance coverage options, maximization of insurance benefits available on their existing individual policies and affordable self-pay treatment rates, we will assist you to explore all your financial options.

Call us today at 203-293-1723. We will work with you and with Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield to determine the best financial plan for you. Also, our financial case managers will determine if patient aid is available to be used in combination with your insurance benefits.

At Clearpoint, the insurance verification process can take from a few minutes to several hours. Other addiction providers may require more or less time to verify benefits, and results can vary.

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