Does UnitedHealth Insurance Cover a Drug Treatment Facility in Connecticut?

I have a UnitedHealth (UHC) insurance policy. Does it cover a drug treatment facility?

It depends on your plan and the type of addiction. Treatment and therapies for drug treatment fall under a branch of UnitedHealth called Optum Provider Express or United Behavioral Health (UBH). For full details, you can either contact them at UnitedHealth or over the phone (look for the number on your insurance card). You can ask about what is and is not covered under your benefit plan. Another possibility is contacting a treatment facility yourself. Each program has skilled staff who can answer your questions to find out the specific coverage you have.

How to Use UnitedHealth Insurance for Drug Treatment

You can find a drug treatment program that accepts your coverage by calling the United Behavioral Health phone number on your insurance card for information about the options you have with your coverage. You can also log onto to find covered providers. This site will also you the information you need to understand coverage options provided through Optum. Sometimes you may need a referral from your primary care physician to start the process.

This is the first step in arranging for in-network substance abuse treatment services. Because there are many types of coverage, you can log into to find detailed information on your specific coverage. This will give you detailed information on how you can find receive, and pay for treatment.

UnitedHealth Insurance Plan Details

They have a sizeable network of behavioral health services to pick from, with over 130,000 clinicians and facilities offering a range of services including treatment for substance abuse.

Inpatient services for drug treatment programs covered by your insurance can be found by using the “Facility Search” tool on their website while outpatient services can be identified through the “Clinician Search” tool. They provides a Summary of Benefits and Coverage that show the details of your insurance coverage, including what is covered; specifics on your deductible, out-of-pocket amount, and maximum annual amount; and whether or not a copay will be required.

To be sure that a treatment center accepts your coverage, you can contact the facility or program directly. They can give information about what insurance may cover, how to use the coverage, what is required to obtain coverage or enroll in a covered program, and how to fund any additional expenses.

UnitedHealth offers insurance options under different platforms:

  • Family and individual plans are available for those under 64 years of age through the UnitedHealth One program that insures over 28 million people in the US.
  • Military members and veterans in the TRICARE West region may use UnitedHealth TRICARE.
  • Health and wellness information, tools, and resources are provided for Group members through Optum Health.
  • Medicare-enhanced services are available for individuals over 65 years of age who want to increase their federal Medicare coverage. They can sign up for a UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan.
  • Individuals who may qualify for Medicaid or other government healthcare programs might be eligible for the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.
  • Hospice and palliative care are available via the Optum Palliative and Hospice Care program that supports individuals and families with serious or long-term illnesses.

Who to Contact About Using UnitedHealth Insurance for Addiction Treatment

You can find out what drug rehab facilities accept your insurance coverage by contacting your plan administrator, or you can work with the treatment center directly to answer your questions.

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We will work with UnitedHealth to determine the best financial plan for you. Also, our financial case managers will determine if patient aid is available to be used in combination with your insurance benefits.

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