At Clearpoint, we use medication assisted treatment when indicated — always in tandem with comprehensive therapy and 12- step facilitation.

Part of an Integrated Treatment Program

Medical research definitively indicates that many of those with addiction benefit from some form of medication assisted treatment to achieve recovery. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) strongly supports the use of medication as part of an integrated treatment program. According to NIDA, medication assisted treatment may increase patient retention in addiction treatment programs and decrease the rate of relapse among alcoholics or addicts in recovery.


As medication assisted treatment’s only injectable medication, Vivitrol has been approved by the FDA since 2010 for use in programs that treat opioid addiction. Administered only once each month, this naltrexone-based medication wards off opioid cravings, alleviates physical symptoms of withdrawal, and prevents overdose from occurring. This medication can be extremely effective at helping you defeat your addiction to opioids, and it has a proven track record of preventing individuals in recovery from experiencing relapse. Studies show that medication assisted treatment alone is not the answer, but combined with therapeutic interventions success rates increase. To learn more about medication assisted treatment, go to Vivitrol Provider in our Resources section.