Sober Living for Men

We offer three levels of sober living for men in Westport. Each designed with recovery in mind – every detail encouraging community and connection.

Whether in need of sober living following inpatient detox/treatment or you require a higher level of support than outpatient treatment alone can provide, our nearby sober living homes and recovery residences combine the clinical services of Clearpoint with supportive, upscale environments to empower men to return to the real world with support, confidence, and practical real-world recovery experience.

Independent Recovery Residences

Our recovery residences are based on the Oxford House model of democratically run, self-supporting, substance-free homes. They offer men the opportunity to live with their peers in sobriety and establish themselves as self-supporting members of the local recovery community.

Recovery Residences are tailored for individuals ready and able to assume personal responsibility for their recoveries and motivated to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others. Residents have access to all of the Clearpoint outpatient clinical and support services on an as needed basis.

Structured Sober Living

Our sober living home is an excellent environment that offers recovering addicts and alcoholics structure and accountability with other recovering individuals. 12-step meetings and other therapeutic and recovery-based activities are encouraged, as newly sober individuals learn and practice their recovery and it’s requirements on a daily basis. Sober living residents can participate in a variety of outside activities such as school, a full-time job, and 12-step meetings.

Residents may have chores or other activities within the house to help instill within them a sense of responsibility and healthy habits. Over time, residents develop and ingrain practical life skills and habits that facilitate their transition back into a normal fulfilling life.

Extended Care

Extended Care is designed to support the recovery process for young adult men as they transition from a higher level of care – typically inpatient treatment – to an independent sober living environment. Extended care blends the transformational power of experiential activities, physical fitness & recreation, and local recovery community immersion with outpatient clinical services to establish a supportive environment in which young men can develop the life-skills and practical experience characteristic of individuals in long-term recovery.

Led by an experienced team of clinicians and transitional living professionals, Extended Care serves young men who need help translating insight into action. Most have recently been discharged from an inpatient treatment facility and are ready to continue their recovery while living with more independence in a less structured environment. Others may need more support than traditional outpatient therapy provides.

Over time, clients experience increasing levels of freedom and responsibility in the form of work & volunteer activities, vehicle privileges, home passes, and unsupervised recovery network activities. The client’s progress is constantly evaluated by his care team (recovery coach, clinical staff, and program director). While progress is measured by the individualized goals and objectives met – and not by number of days “in program” – the typical length of stay in Extended Care is 60 – 90 days.

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